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Connecting Producers and Buyers In A Whole New Way

Tri Farm, the first agricultural eMarket in the Caribbean


Tri Farm pioneers and innovates excellent opportunities in the Caribbean agricultural markets by creating a direct connection between crop producers and buyers.

Tri Farm salutes our local producers who have not only played and integral part in feeding local markets but have also fed international markets. This has been made possible through a combination of agricultural skills, best practices and their devotion towards sustainable agricultural practices. Let’s empower these skills with technology and pass them on to our younger generations by enabling them with the tools needed to connect the Agribusiness with technology.

Now, as a Caribbean crop producer, you can create an online profile for your multiple farms. You can forecast your crop availability, and pre-sell it as well. You can connect to all the buyers who are looking for your particular crop, available at your projection date and quantity. This phenomenal increase in the market access, allows you to get the best deal.

Buyers can plan purchases in advance and minimize the risks associated with supply issues. Set your parameters, find the crops you are looking for, and pre-purchase them. Use ratings and product reviews to connect with the best crop producers. Utilize real-time data on crop and livestock availability, and make intelligent decisions.

Now, you need not bother much about the procurement, as the direct link between crop producers and buyers significantly reduces the procuring process. It allows you to plan your budget efficiently and well in advance.

Let’s use technology, let’s innovate Agribusiness.

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