There is an old adage “money don’t grow on trees”

With Tri Farm’s new ‘Money Tree’ platform we are debunking this saying. Money indeed does grow on trees and it has always been so. It had always been difficult to understand the value of a single fruit bearing tree in todays world, however, Hotels, restaurants and even households seek fruits almost on a daily basis. Guess what? They are also willing to pay for it.

With the newest addition to our platform, everyone can earn some extra cash. All you have to do is sign up on and register your tree. You will be responsible for managing your tree in by letting buyers know the status of your tree. You can indicate if your tree is bearing or on its yearly seasonal break. Buyers will love this. No more hustle and bustle of trying to get limes, lemons, etc. Just login to and search the region for your favourite fruit. Exporters, we know you will love this. No more time wasting in search of fruits like breadfruit and mangoes to send to North America and England.

With our new ‘money tree’ initiative, everyone can be cashing in on agriculture by just showing their fruit tree a little love.

Garvin E. Francis

Manging Director

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